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Do You Require Telecom Assistance?

Here are a few reasons why you may!

  • When I move, can I take my phone number with me? Is DSL available? Before you authorize that new lease for office space, I can verify number portability (from a previous location or from a Market Expansion Line) and DSL availability. Good news for new and relocating businesses!
  • Can you help with a build-out and/or expansion of my office? When working with an Architect and General Contractor, please be sure to verify all Voice (Phone) and Data locations. Have the Architect and General Contractor check for re-usable Conduit and pay only for the new conduit placed in locations you request! This applies to New, Relocating and Expanding businesses.
  • Can my business re-use the cable in my new office space? Check with your Building Management Company to see if they abide by the National Electric Code. If they do, you will be required to remove all Voice and Data cable prior to a move. You will also be required to run new cable in the new office space. New and relocating businesses will need to check in to this!
  • Can you find a phone number that matches my business name? The ability to acquire a Vanity number (a special number matching a word/s) is determined by the Central Office from which your service is derived and the availability of specific numbers! There is always a set-up fee and sometimes a monthly fee associated with Vanity numbers. This is a plus for new businesses!
  • How can you deliver service to my building and/or Suite? Remember that telephone service is always delivered to the Dmarc. The Dmarc could be the Main Basement Telephone Closet of a multi tenant building, the Hallway Telephone Closet of a multi tenant building, the back of a Strip Mall or even Client Suite. You, the client, your telephone service provider or Telephone Vendor must connect to it. Some Competitive Local Exchange Companies (CLEC’s) will also extend it for you as part of their service.
  • Can I use my 2-Line or 4-Line phone as a business phone? 2-Line, 4-Line telephones are not business telephone systems. A 2-Line or 4-Line telephone acquired from a Big Box type store is an analog telephone just like one would use in a home environment. This type of telephone, when used in a home and or business environment is required to be wired differently in order to accommodate all telephone lines. These type of telephones are handy for small offices; but do not function quite like an actual business telephone system with all the features available.
  • What encompasses a business telephone system?  A business telephone system always includes a server type control unit complete with a Central Processor (CPU), etc. to accommodate outside lines and telephones. Outside lines connect to this control unit via a Router, Patch Panel and/or plastic 66 Blocks. All the telephones must have dedicated cable.
  • Can I add service to my current telecommunications service contract? Changing service packages during the course of an existing agreement with a phone service provider always extends the contract from the date the request was made.
  • Will I be charged to move offices in my building? When relocating within the same building and on the same floor, ask to keep your same Suite number! A X-Connect change and possible Dmarc extension can retain the same service without a move order to the carrier!
  • Help! There are strange charges on my phone bill! Be sure to always check the last page of your telephone bill. If the last page states “billed on behalf of…“ or if it looks different you most likely have been slammed. Call me immediately.

Who We Help

  • Starting a new business?
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  • Expanding your current location?
  • New construction?

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